Major Retailers and Services that Accept Bitcoin

Technology is all around us. We cannot clearly separate it from our lives, as it is deeply ingrained into our lives. We use it for everything, from entertainment (playing multiplayer games, exploring reviews like the Double Bubble Bingo Review to see if we can have fun on their site, organizing a party for our friends and family) to work (our favorite Google Meet meetings), but we also use it for working with money. This does not only refer to electronic payment, but to cryptocurrencies as well. Bitcoin has made a revolution when it comes to online payment methods, as it became the genuine currency of the Internet. While earlier, there was a distinction between paying with ‘real’ money and paying with cryptocurrencies, nowadays more and more websites accept paying with Bitcoin as an equally valid mode of paying as using US dollars, British pounds, or any other currency. If you are interested in using bitcoin, read on to find out which services and retailers accept bitcoin and why it is important.

Why is Bitcoin important?

Bitcoin is based on a peer-to-peer system of transaction, which does not need a central repository to function, as other currencies in the world do. Transactions with Bitcoin are written down in a public online document known as Blockchain, which keeps track of every Bitcoin transaction. This decentralized aspect of it is very important, as there is no need for an intermediary between two parties that are exchanging the cryptocurrency. There are numerous retailers and services that accept Bitcoin as a valid form of payment.

1. Newegg

This large online gift store fully accepts Bitcoin for purchases, and the users can choose from a variety of items, which they can buy either using their smartphone, or their computer. There might be some options that are unavailable for purchase with Bitcoin, but we hope that that will change in the near future.

2. Dish

Dish is a satellite television and Internet service provider, which started accepting Bitcoin as a valid means of payment, being the first in its branch to do so. The customers can pay on their website, using their phone or computer, and for those who do not wish to perform their transactions with cryptocurrencies, there are still options for traditional payment, like debit card, credit card, or with your bank account.

3. Microsoft

Yes, one of the world’s biggest companies accepts cryptocurrencies. However, you cannot purchase everything with them –Bitcoin can be used to purchase Xbox games, movies, and apps; Microsoft online store is still off-limits. In this way, Microsoft created a reliable way of payment that gamers all around the world can use. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that payments made in Bitcoin are not refundable.

4. Smaller businesses

There is no use trying to name every major retailer or service provider that accepts Bitcoin, let alone all the smaller businesses and stores that are equipped to accept it. However, there is a really easy way to find out whether there is a store near you that will accept your cryptocurrency –you just need to take a look at the coinmap 2.0. It provides a detailed world map with all the places and stores that can accept your payment in Bitcoin and possibly other cryptocurrencies.

Author: Chester