5 Things Everyone Must Know About Extended Warranties

We live in a consumerist society, and our lives are shaped in a way that we often view things around us through the prism of money. We buy things for ourselves, and other people, in an attempt to make their and our lives better and more comfortable, and to show our affection. Oftentimes, we buy things that cost a significant amount of money, and we are legally protected by a warranty that the product that we purchased will be up to the quality standard and that it will not break down or malfunction.

What are extended warranties, then?

Extended warranties differ from regular warranties in several aspects. First and foremost, they may not be connected to the original manufacturer of the product, as they can be issued independently by the retailer, for an additional price. Regular warranties usually last from ninety days to three months, and extended warranties usually cover the period up to one year. It may sometimes be provided by the manufacturer, but it is usually the retailer or a warranty administrator who offers the warranty to the customers. There is a wide range of products for which you can find an extended warranty, and they range from small ones, like computer parts or other smaller electronic appliances, to larger ones, like automobiles. Sometimes, the service you expect to get from an extended warranty is not what you receive, which is why you need to be very careful when choosing whether you will opt for one. Here are some essential things that you need to pay attention to when you are contemplating buying an extended warranty.

Check for the manufacturer’s warranty

As we noticed, the manufacturer provides a warranty that lasts up to three months, but many of them offer to fix your product for free even after the warranty period has expired. In this way, you might get excellent service without having to pay additionally. This is precisely the reason why you should check the manufacturer’s terms and conditions before agreeing to pay extra for an extended warranty.

Check who services your product

Sometimes, the extended warranty is not at all related to the product manufacturer and is solely provided by the retailer, which often means that you cannot tell who will repair your product, as it might be someone who is hired to do it for the lowest possible price.

Check what the warranty includes

This can sometimes be tricky, as extended warranties are known not to cover all types of damage or malfunctions. Usually, the warranty does not apply if the product had been damaged mechanically, or by computer viruses, or if you did not follow their specified guidelines for using the product. In this way, you may lose your money if you are not careful.

Research your purchases beforehand

Although this one may sound obvious, you need to research the product you want to buy and try to get a good quality product, as buying a lower-quality one might cause it to malfunction or break in a way that is beyond repair, or whose repair is too expensive. Sometimes, you may overestimate how frequently appliances break down. By carefully planning beforehand, you are able to estimate how to act when buying extended warranties, and potentially save yourself from a costly, yet unnecessary investment.

Author: Chester