Top 5 Online Shopping Apps

We live in a consumer society; most often we view things through money and value things according to their worth in dollars. When we feel bad, we buy ourselves gifts to cheer up and forget about our troubles; we get home after a hard day’s work and sit in our favorite armchair and watch television, or we surf the Internet looking for a Smarkets welcome offer, or other offers we may like. No doubt, we like shopping; this has been the case for a long time. However, the concept of shopping has significantly altered in the past couple of decades, with the development of technology, and the fact that it has planted itself firmly everywhere around us, making it impossible to be avoided. Shopping is more and more done online, and without any need to visit the actual physical store in order to get what you need. It is more and more common to do your shopping with the help of apps, and here are five that you must try out.

1. Amazon

If you have not tried this app already, you should. Amazon is one of the oldest retailers on the Internet, and it can provide you with any product that you can think of. You can also make a Prime account, and look at millions of products, their ratings, and the reviews the customers leave, in order to make up your mind about purchasing a certain product.

2. eBay

This website was once exclusively known for the auctions that took place here. However, they decided to broaden their scope of business and created an app that helps you browse countless items, from kitchen accessories to laptop parts and musical instruments. The app also comes with a built-in barcode scanner, which you can use to check the price of the item you wish to buy.

3. Poshmark

This app is slightly different than the previous two, as this one helps you find second-hand clothing. Not only that, but this app also finds you major discounts on clothing items, which can be helpful for your home budget. You can also use the app to sell some of your clothing that is in good condition and that you no longer use.

4. Shopbop

You will certainly be satisfied with this app, as it has a very interactive and user-friendly interface, which lets you choose hundreds of clothing labels and countless items; you may even come across some well-known designer names there.

5. The Real Real

This app is similar to Poshmark, but they differ in one thing; unlike Poshmark, this app is used only for second-hand luxury items like clothing and accessories. Because it is all pre-owned, you may even find prices that are up to eighty percent off.

Author: Chester