Top 10 Best Selling Home Security Systems

We live in a digital age, and technology has permeated every pore of our lives, and we can hardly imagine our lives without it. It provides us with the feeling of safety and comfort that we need in our day to day life. However, this may not always be the case, as countless homes are targeted by criminals every day, who seek to disrupt the calm atmosphere we try to build for ourselves. It is no wonder then, that people spend large amounts of money on security systems that are meant to keep intruders out of their homes. Here are ten top-selling home security systems.

1. Vivint: Smart Home

This system provides the best combination of home security and home digitalization. You can control it both from your electronic devices, like your computer and smartphone, but also just using your voice.

2. Simplisafe

This home security system saves you the hassle of dealing with salespeople offering you packages they think are best for you; everything is up to you, and you get to choose which components you want to install in your home. You also get your service on demand, which means that you do not need to sign any kind of contract.

3. Frontpoint

Frontpoint is another name on this list that does not require you to sign a contract. If you want to, you can also install everything by yourself, and thus avoid expensive professional installation. You can control the entire system from your phone app, or from your Amazon Alexa.

4. ADT

This is a well-known name in home security, and one with the longest history on this list. This company has over one hundred and forty years of experience. However, they may be a bit more expensive.

5. Protect America

This is a good option for those who live in more remote areas, as it provides cable coverage, which means that the users do not have to rely on a wireless signal to handle their security. Their packages also come with a lifetime warranty.

6. Brinks

This company features a variety of packages, all of which can be coordinated from your Google Nest. You can try their products for thirty days, free of charge, to decide whether you find them adequate.

7. Ring

Ring offers full security packages for three hundred dollars, which really is a bargain price, especially compared to other security companies. You set up the whole thing yourself, and there is even the possibility to automatically contact your neighbors in the case of an intrusion.

8. Link Interactive

As the name suggests, everything about this company is interactive and customizable, from the components to the length of your contract –it is all up to your preference.

9. Abode

Abode is another reliable system that requires no contract and is compatible with your Amazon Alexa or your smartphone.

10. Google Nest Secure

This is a smart DIY solution that helps you keep your home safe with state-of-the-art technology from Google that you can install yourself.

Author: Chester